A meowtastic cat adventure!

Guide a cat on a culinary journey in Wandering Cat: explore, make friends, and tackle adventures with humor. A game that blends exploration and taste, ready to win you over!

Embark on an unprecedented culinary mission as you navigate through picturesque villages, a mysterious dungeon, and flavor-rich city in search of the perfect dish.

Unique Culinary Exploration

Dive into a story that defies genre clichés, full of humor and unexpected situations, keeping you as glued to the screen as it will make you smile.

Witty, Ironic Narrative

Tackle a variety of puzzles and side quests that will test your ingenuity, with rewards that will satisfy your virtual palate.

Challenges and Rewards

The feline adventure that awaits you

Join the most unusual and charming culinary adventure in the video game “Wandering Cat”! Guide a nameless cat through the kingdom on a quest for the perfect dish, exploring picturesque villages, a mysterious dungeon, and flavor-rich city. Forge unique friendships with characters of all sorts and dive into a mission that promises to be bigger than yourself, all seasoned with irresistible humor. From relaxing side activities to hidden secrets, “Wandering Cat” is a delicious mix of exploration, adventure, and the promise of a reward that will make you lick your whiskers! Get ready to capture the hearts (and stomachs) of video game enthusiasts and cat lovers alike, on an unforgettable journey that will revolutionize the way you play.